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Happy Hops Plushie

Happy Hops Plushie

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🧡 Happy Hops Plushie in the shape of a bunny

🧡 Can be transformed into a cute fruit

📦 Delivery time: Your Happy Hops will be with you in 4-10 working days

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The Happy Hops cuddly toy is designed in the shape of a rabbit that fills every room with joy and charm. The special highlight: If necessary, it can be transformed into a delicious strawberry! This feature makes the cuddly toy a particularly magical companion for children and adults.


Item Type: Happy Hops Stuffed Animal
Material: polypropylene and cotton
Style: carrot rabbit, strawberry rabbit, bee, kitty to choose from

Size Information: Dimensions:

S: 18cm [0.14kg]

M: 25cm [0.3kg]

L: 35cm [0.58kg]

Package list:
1 x Happy Hops Soft Toy

fun and joy

The Happy Hops plush toy is not only a great toy, but also a fun and entertaining companion that will bring joy to children and adults alike and provide many hours of fun.

companion in everyday life

The Happy Hops cuddly toy can become a loyal companion in everyday life, giving children and adults a feeling of security and security and supporting them in every situation.

creativity and imagination

With the unique ability to transform into a strawberry, the Happy Hops plush toy encourages children's creativity and imagination and encourages imaginative play.

Improved sleep quality

When it comes to creating a calm and relaxed sleeping environment, the Happy Hops plush toy can help by bringing a sense of security and safety to both children and adults.